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Employee Benefits & Insurances

Benefits and insurances should not be a cookie-cutter solution.  We manage your costs and options while you attract and keep top talent.  Give your employees access to large company benefit options at affordable pricing. No hidden-fees or surprises.

HR Support & Consulting

 Are you drowning in a sea of processes, HR regulations & policies? Experiencing the growth you wanted, but can’t keep up? Do you control your culture?
We are here for you!

HR Compliance & Risk

Guessing how to manage compliance is not worth the risk or the migraines. We want you to always feel confident on the HR decisions you make, no matter how difficult or sensitive they may be.

Why Choose AMPIAN HR?


Ampian HR understands the pain points of starting and running a business, especially on the administrative side. Which is why we’ve created custom solutions for the needs of your business and employee’s.

Our services include payroll, health insurance, PTO tracking, compliance & risk assistance, 401(k), HR consulting and more.

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Client Review

Exceptional organization on downright fantastic human beings. It’s rare to work with a team who can admit that they don’t have all the answers but certainly finds them out. They have been a huge blessing to our business.

Client Review

I've had the pleasure of working with Ampian HR staff now for several years. I have found them to be both very professional and very skilled at solving various problems that have come up in the course of our normal business operations. As the Operations Director, Ampian HR has been an invaluable resource. I can wholeheartedly say that I would recommend Ampian HR to anyone looking for an HR and Payroll company.

Client Review

My review focus is the payroll department, specifically Cheyanne. While out of the country with limited wifi access, my email account had an issue and became unresponsive. I asked Cheyanne to alert me by text when payroll was ready to approve, so I didn’t have to watch the site. Not only did she do this, but she continued to do it until I let her know I was back and my email was fixed. While a quick text might seem insignificant, it allowed me to stay offline until I was needed. She did not HAVE to take this extra step for me. Her choice to do so is an example of great customer service. Very appreciated!

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